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Don Jackson

Massage Therapist

I have worked as a licensed massage therapist for 13 years, 7 of those years at Eldorado Resorts, LA Spa in Louisiana, I transitioned into focusing on endurance athletes, ultra runners, Ironman athletes and after a year I felt something was missing I need to learn how to work with athletes that trained completely different from the norm and I started working with crossfit athletes, the greatest shock I have experienced as a therapist is being embraced by the bodybuilding community because of my work with muscle separation and muscle activation. I also work with the YMCA as a Rock Steady Boxing Coach. The YMCA has allowed me to work with junior athletes and senior athletes. Today I have a great balance of clients from the NFL to clients with Parkinson’s disease. If I had one word to explain what I do the word would be performance. Performance therapy is what I do.

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