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Group Classes


    • Improves cardiovascular health to your body​

    • Burn several hundred calories per class

    • Spinning puts far less pressure on your knees and feet than other traditional cardio alternatives

    • Join a community that feels like a team (beginners to advanced)

  • YOGA (barre/sculpt/slow flow)

    • weekly classes designed for our clients' to develop strength and flexibility in a very comfortable setting

    • BARRE - method combines elements of yoga, Pilates, dance, and functional fitness into one great, low impact workout. 

    • SCULPT - incorporates small hand weights with traditional yoga to add a new challenge and an increased core workout

    • SLOW FLOW  - helps build and maintain strong bones, muscles, and connective tissue to maintain high metabolism, healthy posture, and an active body. Great for beginners and those with limited range of motion.


    • Great way to burn calories in a short amount of time ​with a mixture of high intensity interval training, circuit training, and functional training

    • Classes are a mixture of free weights, body weight, steel macebells, row machines, sleds, battle ropes, cable machines, plyometrics, bumper plates, and TRX

    • Each class is specifically designed to ensure you burn calories and build muscle all while maintaining proper form. 

    • ​The rapid movements in cardio kickboxing improve flexibility, balance, and coordination, and can help build faster reflexes. 
    • Each client can burn between 350 - 450 calories per hour. 
    • Is an effective way to relieve stress and frustration.