Hailey Toner

Spin Instructor

I'm Hailey Toner- I'm a "F'n" enthusiast...

I am super passionate about my family, my friends, food, fitness, & of course fun (you know, all the F's)!! 

I am a wife & proud mother of 3. 

I weight train, play indoor soccer, run, mountain bike, and love me a good HIIT class! I've been in the health & wellness industry since 2014 & food & meal prep service since 2015. I am certified by ExpertRating in Spin & as a Personal Trainer.

During the day you can find me at Glow Alchemy Kitchen preparing healthy meals & at night on the soccer field or cycling with my husband or kiddos. 

I find joy and purpose in being a personal cheerleader and motivator, that is my ultimate calling!

"The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling."


Join me soon for Cycology by Hailey's Comet