Holly Harral-Smith

Spin Instructor

I was born and raised in Shreveport. My dad owned 2 local fitness clubs so I naturally gravitated to physical exercise. For me exercise is fun, but it’s also challenging and humbling. I started spinning about 10 years ago on occasion at my gym. A few years ago, I started to experience arthritis in my knees, so I became more frequent in spin because it’s easy on the joints. I was going to so many spin classes I decided to get certified in 2019. I am a NETA certified spin instructor. I also have my barre certification. I love fun music and sharing my love for spin with everyone.
I have a marketing degree from LSUS.
I am a licensed realtor, but am not active at this time. I am married to my husband Justin and have a sweet daughter Julia, 16. I love to cook, garden, and travel.