James Hertz


Helping people achieve their fitness goals is not just a career choice; it is my passion. 
After a childhood spent battling obesity and all the physical, mental and emotional baggage that comes with that particular affliction, I have dedicated the last 20-plus years to the health and fitness industry. It is now my lifelong goal to help others not only fight that all too common struggle with the scale, but to overcome whatever obstacles are keeping them from living their best life. Using a wholistic training approach, including exercise, nutritional and emotional support, I can help you meet and exceed your aspirations. 
When a person has self-confidence and a positive outlook on life, there is nothing he or she can’t accomplish, and I would love to be even a small part of that journey. In this life, we can do anything if we are willing to work for it. 
Let me help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.  Together we can make your dreams a reality.